Friday, November 4, 2011

Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3

So which one should you buy if you cant buy both?

That's the question everyone is asking nowadays, but we're here to settle it !

First, lets take a look at gameplay!

Here's CoD:MW3

Here's BF3

So far from the recent gameplay, Modern Warfare 3 has provided the gamers incredible cinematic style action sequences. MW3 has arcade-style play and an all guns-and-run blazing experience
On the other hand, BF3 is all about teamwork. Working together toward winning instead of running around killing anything in sight.
Lots of people have fallen in love with the team work aspect of BF3, running and gunning for hours in MW3 might be boring after a while.
Therefore BF3 has a current edge over MW3 atm.
If you can grab friends to play BF3, it is incredibly fun.
MW3 is awesomely fun when you want to relax and play alone to own it up.

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