Sunday, January 8, 2012

MMO Champion Rage

Before you read anything, please keep in mind this:  A number's worth is relative to what you are comparing it to

Every time Im reading a post from people regarding Blizzard need do to a number crunch on stats, it just make me angry of how people don't under stand the way numbers / stats work.

Average tank right now is around 200k hp, if the boss hits him for 50k a hit, it takes 4 hits to kill the tank without heals.

IF IN Pandaria, a tank has 400k HP, but the boss in Pandaria hits him for 100k a hit, IT STILL TAKES 4 HITS to kill the tank without heals.

THE BOTTOM Line is, doesn't matter HOW Much Health you Have, Damage you do, Healing you do, or stats you have, IT ALL DEPENDS ON OTHER STATS.

That's why NUMBER IS A RELATIVITY thing.

If you have 50 HP or 500k HP as a tank, how OP you are depends on how hard the boss hits, how much healers can do, etc

So, those of you saying you will be shooting a Fireball for lets say 300k damage in expac in PVP, IT DOESNT MATTER if the other PVPer have 900k HP, you wont kill him.

The only argument I can see from people that complains about numbers increasing is their brain don't want to calculate all these digits.

That's why there's a thing call ROUNDING UP or DOWN.  Does it make a difference if you are hitting for 50 damage, or 50k damage? just add a "k" and call it a day.

Not gonna lie, us Americans are relying too much on things to make everything simple so our brains can become lazy.

Why would you want to be lvl 90 and attack for 500 damage, when you can do 500k, even though both can be balanced with the consideration of other numbers

Am I the only one that's thinking this way about all these un-needed complaints to lower HP pool / Damage / Healing / Stats?


  1. RAGE ! Big numbers are hard to comprehend

  2. When you get them, they aren't that hard