Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hard Drive Prices Remain Inflated Until 2014

We all know about the flooding in Thailand last year that caused the prices of hard disk drives (HDD) to rise. It is expected that inventories will not be back to normal until the end of this year and prices will stay high until 2014.

The average global price for hard drives increased by 28% at the end of 2011 and experts estimate the prices will decline by 12% every year.

The hard drive industry will have to spend around $1 billion dollars to build new manufacturing plants therefore causes the price to stay inflated.

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  1. So, we send companies overseas for cheaper labor to build stuff the US wants to buy--and now it will be more expensive. I wonder what the cost would be overall if we'd leave well enough alone with sending companies overseas. Also, I wonder if doing that cuts back on how much is invented in those countries--like, are we hindering the process for us to find bigger and better things?